Kada 850G Gas Compressor Machine

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Kada 850G is a air, gas compressor, sucker machine, It sucks air or gas and provide full gas pressure. Mostly it is used to increase gas pressure.

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Original Kada 850G is a air, gas compressor, gas sucking machine, It sucks air or gas and provide full pressure. Mostly it is used to increase gas pressure. High Quality, Low Power Consumption and Good Results. Kada 850 Gas compressor is perfect for sucking air and gas pressure.


  • Brand: KADA
  • Model: 850G
  • Input Power: 20W
  • Pressure: Adjustable
  • Input Voltage: 220V AC
  • Plug: EU

11 reviews for Kada 850G Gas Compressor Machine

Based on 11 reviews
  1. Sarim khan

    The product was so good and as per expectation thank you dcart.pk

  2. Syed Ansar Raza

    Best of Best

  3. Taimoor

    same as advertised

  4. Ibrar

    value for money

  5. Mulazim Hussain

    Very well worth the money.

  6. Saif ur rehman

    Faulty item delivered and when I contact about refund no one responded

    • Asif

      Dear Customer,

      As per your statement in refund request, you were not getting enough pressure, we immediately respond to you and ask for details with proof, but you did not reply till now.

  7. Muhammad Kaleem

  8. Tanveer Saleem

    Services: Excellent, short communication and order procedures but timely action. No waste of time.

    Product: Apparently good. But there is an issue of gas leakage/smell from the unit when system is turned off. This is a risky. Please let me know how to rectify this problem. Cannot use it with such leakages specially in homes and closed environment. Not using the unit, waste of money if you cannot solve the problem

    • Asif

      Dear Sir,
      Open the cover and turn on device, stay away from electronic kit, try to find the leakage area, slowly tight screws of leakage areas. do not tight too much. leakage problem will be fixed. Always open the stove first before switching this device on and turn off this device first when switching off stove. Please keep in mind using this pump in wrong way may burst seal of this pump and this may result in heavy explosion.

  9. Akram Khan Jatoi


  10. Mumtaz Ahmed

    Best product good work my famly happy to used this device

  11. Anonymous

    Product is great and way cheaper than market!

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