Plastic Potentiometer Amplifier Knob 15x17mm

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WH148 knob 15X17mm plastic knob AG2 type potentiometer power amplifier knob multi color high quality.

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WH148 15X17mm 6mm Shaft Hole Plastic Potentiometer Amplifier Knob is practical and convenient to use. WH148 15X17mm 6mm Shaft Hole Plastic Potentiometer Amplifier Knob adjusts treble (high) frequencies, the Bass knob adjusts bass (low) frequencies, and so on.

Many guitar amps also have a knob labelled “Presence.” That sounds good, right? Who doesn’t want their amp to have a presence? But before you crank the control all the way up, here’s what it does.

This knob is highly recommended due to its features like hat knobs are high quality, suitable stalk (round shaft) potentiometer.

  1. Material: Plastic
  2. Knob Diameter: 10-15mm (Taper)
  3. Installation Hole Diameter: 6mm (For fixing screw)
  4. Suitable For: It can be used for 5.9-6mm shaft diameter potentiometer.

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6 reviews for Plastic Potentiometer Amplifier Knob 15x17mm

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    Very well worth the money.

  5. Bilal

    same as advertised

  6. Khurram

    delivery time was short, price was lower then local market

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